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  • 4-3-13 Koyama,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 〒142-0062
  • 【Hours】17:00~paper lantern off
  • 【Closed】Irregular holidays


※All listed prices do not include tax.


Tomato with soy-sauce dressing 450 yen
Grilled eggplant with soy-sauce dressing 580 yen
Leafy greens with sesame sauce 450 yen
Onion slices with wakame ponzu sauce 450 yen
Whitebait with grated daikon 450 yen
Salmon roe with grated daikon 450 yen


Whale 1,200 yen
White meat fish from 1,200
Shellfish from 600 yen
Sashimi platter from 2,000 yen

☆Please see the in-store board for other options.


Salted fermented bonito entrails with cream cheese 450 yen
Whale bacon 1,500 yen
Pollock roe with pickled wasabi

450 yen

Crab miso with crab meat grilled on spoon 780 yen
Salted squid guts 450 yen
Pickled vegetables(made in brine and fermented rice bran) 350 yen
Stewed Wagyu tendons 580 yen
Grated bran pickled daikon with natto 450 yen
Deluxe sardine broil 850 yen
Shark fin cartilage with roe and plum seasoning 450 yen
Deluxe male smelt fish(2) 1,200 yen
Soy beans(summer only) 450 yen

Rice Dishes

Ochameshi(rice with dashi stock) 350 yen
Ochazuke(rice soaked in green tea) 450 yen
Tofu rice 550 yen
Whitebait rice 550 yen
Rice topped with pork belly 550 yen
Dessert(Monaka ice cream sandwich) 300 yen


Daikon 250 yen
Tofu 300 yen
Green chili tofu 350 yen
Konbu seaweed 200 yen
Egg 200 yen
Omelet 300 yen
Tendon(fish tendon) 350 yen
Minced horse mackerel ball 300 yen
Minced duck ball 400 yen
Shiitake mushroom 300 yen
Maitake mushroom 300 yen
Tube-shaped fish sausage cake 200 yen
Soft fish cake 350 yen
Tube-shaped flour cake 200 yen
Konjac 200 yen
Shirataki(konjac noodles) 350 yen
Komatsuna(mustard spinach greens) 300 yen
Potato 250 yen
Sweet potato 250 yen
(deep-fried tofu with vegetables)
200 yen
Fried tofu 300 yen
Guchiten(fish cake) 250 yen
Tachiouten(fish cake) 250 yen
(meat wrapped on burdock root)
300 yen
Cheese-maki(wrapped cheese) 300 yen
Fried mushroom 300 yen
Deep-fried tofu purse 300 yen
Shumai-maki(wrapped dumpling) 300 yen
Minced shrimp ball 350 yen
Minced eel ball 350 yen
Wagyu tendon 600 yen
Pork belly 600 yen
Bacon 450 yen
Sausage 350 yen